Bad writing can be good

do it

This advice comes to you curtesy off Marie Overfors, writer and PR expert.

Bad writing can be good…seriously!

Do you need to write, but feel stuck? Are you procrastinating, putting off your writing for another day or time that never seems to come? You might just be overthinking it. Stop trying to be perfect on the first try and just write!

Recognise that your writing will range from great to god-awful.

Bad writing in no way detracts from your absolute genius. Sort it out later. Even J. K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, says she has written tons of material that never will be and never should be published. If she can, why not you, too?

Write without editing. 

Just write. Ignore typos, punctuation and proper grammar. Add unrelated thoughts in brackets or upper case if you like, but keep writing. Do not edit or critique. Save that for later.