‘Here she comes to save the day’

A client once called me superwoman because I swooped in and edited the hell out of a report in terrible shape. When she said I saved her day, my alter-ego heroine was born.

Dressed in a skintight suit with W for Word emblazoned on her chest, my heroine battles bad guys who are committing #WordCrimes (thanks Weird Al for the hashtag). When my video premiers this May, you’ll see her use her sharp intellect and jagged pencil to beat up bad guys as words like ‘Pop’, ‘Bam’ and ‘Ka-Pow’ flash across the screen. If you like comics or watched reruns of the original Batman series like me growing up, then this imagery should look familiar.

You might wonder why I’m doing this. Aside from creating a great marketing tool, I want to inspire you to be playful and self expressed in your writing. In Brussels in particular, people tend to write with bureaucratic numbness, but that doesn’t mean you should. You’ll reach more people when your write like a human, not a machine. Companies, organisations and yes even institutions have personality. Don’t be afraid to express it. When you do, you’ll notice that more people will listen.