Get personal with your team profiles

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Vogue’s 73 questions series with famous personalities like Anna Wintour and Daniel Radcliffe has gone viral with millions of views around the world. Why? Because the public is intensely curious about the real people behind the movies they love and art they consume. The same is often true in business.

Indulge our natural curiosity

Staff profiles consistently get the most views on websites because people want to know who they are working with. People like to see a customer’s face, learn about a client’s education or get more informed about a colleague’s experience. This is especially true in industries where the people behind the company are as important as the company itself. Curiosity is human so indulge, don’t deny it.

Storytelling is good for business 

When I write website content, I encourage my clients to include “about the team” pages because it just makes good business sense. When written well, these pages are critical to distinguishing your business from the competition. The CEO of Ferrari has a unique life story that is different from the CEO of Alfa Romeo, and those differences can be spun to help sell cars and create brand loyalty.

Pages that tell interesting stories about your team are also a great way to get remembered. The PR firm whose team page includes stories about when the Senior VP fist bumped the French Prime Minister are much more memorable than bland profiles with a name and title. These stories have the added benefit of making your company much more human and relatable, two qualities that can help to cement relationships with your customers.

Think carefully about your audience first

Obviously, a fun storytelling approach is better for some industries than others. Content that might be acceptable for one business could be seen as unprofessional in another. Before you get too creative, think first about how your audience will perceive your style.

I’m just a click away…

And, as always, if you get stuck or just don’t have the time, contact me. I’ll write your team page and profiles with the content you need to bring your website to the next level.

PS: If you are looking for design inspiration for your team pages, check out Smashing Magazine for a nice overview of the latest trends.