Win in business and in life with Word


  • MA in Government, Georgetown University (Washington, D.C.)
  • BA in Sociology and Asian Studies, Hamilton College (Clinton, N.Y.)

English makes the world go round

English has become the unofficial language of business. It’s how deals are made, companies reach global markets and relationships are forged across cultures. It’s a unifying language in our increasingly globalised world, especially in multicultural Europe. My name is Meg Stringer, and I founded Word to help businesses, organisations and people to use English to win at business and in life.

Imagine the possibilities

Imagine what’s possible when you use English clearly and concisely in ways that people can relate to and easily understand. I’ll tell you what I’ve seen. My clients have attracted more investors, improved their visibility, converted more customers and led transnational campaigns that created coalitions of support around the world. At the individual level, I’ve seen people get the job of their dreams and accepted to top universities.

Harness the power of English

The words you choose and the way you put them together matters…big time. It isn’t about your ego or looking smart, it’s about driving results. My writing, editing and coaching services allow you to harness the power of English to advance your goals, no matter your sector or profession.

My greatest asset

Communication is the common thread throughout my varied professional life that spans from the U.S. to Europe, Asia and West Africa. No matter if I was home or abroad, my writing skills have always been my greatest asset. When I began working in public and international affairs in Brussels, I discovered just how valuable these skills were.

Writing, in practice

I learned to use the power of words to advance causes and inform audiences about major global challenges from climate change to poverty. Later, I started applying these skills to businesses and found that I could build brands with smart website copy and improve sales with compelling storytelling. I also began writing funding proposals that when successful, drove research and innovation. Coaching came naturally to me as I advised my colleagues and later taught workshops on how to improve English style and messaging.

I love my job

I took a leap of faith in 2014 when I founded Word and I haven’t looked back since. I love the diversity and range of my work. I can write a proposal for a tech start-up in the morning, edit a policy paper on poverty in Africa in the afternoon and coach a student in the evening. And most importantly, I have fun doing it. I love my job.

What can I do for you? Let’s get a coffee and talk about it.